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  1. Saad Alkashif says:

    I have been seeing (Mr) Douglas for about four years now and the whole experience has been great and he’s addressed all my concerns and the supporting staff( lab, front desk, etc…) have all been great as well.

  2. Dawn Eubanks says:

    David Douglas (PA-C)was a godsend. I had not been able to sleep an entire night for over 20 years. To say I was exhausted was an understatement. While talking with (Mr) Douglas about hormones, he discovered I had not been able to get sufficient sleep. I explained that I had severe depression and that added to the inability to function well in my day to day life. He was extremely patient while I described my frustration with different medications and their affects. After running blood tests to see my hormone levels, his evaluation of what would work not only for hormone levels, but sleep & depression was spot on. He slowly took me off meds that were not contributing to my overall well being (and feeling) and put me on a dosage of a couple hormones that are taking care of the real problem. I feel better, sleep through the night, feel much less depressed and overwhelmed, and am now at a much more ‘even keel’ throughout the day.” – D. Eubanks

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